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  • Nicolas Jaar is a electronica musician hailing from New York City, New York, USA who was born on the 10th of January 1990. His brand of minimal, evocative techno has seen him become one of the most acclaimed electronic artists of his generation.

    Born in New York City, raised in his father’s homeland of Chile and moved back to NYC when he was eight years old, Nicolas Jaar has already travelled more than most do in an entire lifetime. Maybe his upbringing, one that was characterised by seeing, experiencing and learning from a multitude of different cultures when he was at his most impressionable, led to his desire to tour his live show later in life. Unlike most electronica artists, Jaar has an absolutely unmissable live show for its musicality and the skills of his live backing band, rather than its special effects.

    While his live show is thrillingly classic, the way that Jaar distributes his music might be the way of the future. Even from the very beginning, Jaar began a record label Clown And Sunset at the same time that he and his friends began to make music together, in 2009. In 2013, after releases that were acclaimed by everyone from Resident Advisor to Pitchfork to The Guardian, he folded his label to start Other People, a subscription service where he wouldn’t only release his own music, but one-off E.P’s and singles by anyone who Jaar got in touch with.

    Jaar is a very modern musician in the sense that not only can get create amazing music in the form of his massively acclaimed albums “Space Is Only Noise” and “Psychic”. He’s also he’s a forward thinking business man with one eye on making the creation and release of music a more grounded, intimate affair. We need more musicians to take after him and the way that it’s going that’ll happen, since it looks like he’s going to be very influential indeed. Highly recommended.