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  • Taylor Alison Swift was born on the 13th of December 1989. Since making her professional debut in 2004 she’s become one of the biggest successes that Country music has ever seen, and has done so before her 25th birthday.

    There aren’t all that many new pop stars who everyone and your granny have heard of. Even folks getting number one singles like Robin Thicke, Meghan Trainor or Baauer (remember him? Exactly) are as good as anonymous to the masses that put their songs on the top of the charts.

    Taylor Swift, it’s fair to say, is not one of those artists. In fact she’s quite the opposite, and old school pop star who’s one of the world’s most famous people. Its gets even more surreal when one thinks that she got to that point by playing Country music, only dipping her toes into pop once she’d secured her position as quite possibly the world’s most successful young woman.

    To call Swift a pop star, however, is to sell her short slightly. She’s a songwriter at heart, pure and simple. She was hired as the youngest songwriter to ever write for the Sony/ATV Tree publishing house at an infuriating 14 years of age and since then her success has been grounded in her honest, relatable lyrics and unmatched way with a hook.

    That experience of writing since she was fourteen means that at such a tender age she’s got to a point that many songwriters don’t ever get to. She’s able to experiment with radically different genres while the core songs still sounds unmistakeably like her.

    “I Knew You Were Trouble” cribs from dubstep. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “Shake It Off” are big, shiny pop songs. All three are worlds apart from the subtle country strum of her debut single “Tim McGraw”, but none of them could ever have come from anyone else.

    Whether you like her music or not, it’s wonderful that one of the biggest pop stars in the world also has the most personality, and has got to such dizzying heights by being unmatched at her craft. This is the age of Taylor, and we are all blessed to live in it.