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  • Skrillex (born 15 January 1988) - aka Sonny John Moore - is an electronic and dance music producer and label co-founder (OWSLA Records) from California, US.

    His style of music spreads across a number of genres, from dubstep and EDM to metalcore and even reggae. In one interview Skrillex attributes very early influences to Warp records, including Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Autechre, and the likes of IDM and acid house.

    Before Skrillex, from 2004-2007, Moore found success singing for post-hardcore band 'From First to Last' (signed to Epitaph). After a number of successful tours, Moore was forced to resign from the band due to issues with his vocal chords, and subsequently began to focus on his solo-career.

    Skrillex's debut EP, 'My Name is Skrillex' was released in 2010, and since then a bundle of EP and album releases, live shows, and not to mention film and video game soundtrack contributions, have seen his subsequent rise to prominence in the world of electronic music. As one notable example, 'Bangarang EP' brought home two Grammy Awards in 2013 for Best Dance/Electronica Album and Best Dance Recording (awarded for the track 'Bangerang'). The record combines unrelenting, thumping kick drums with bass wobbles, chopped up vocal hooks, catchy synth lines and heavy drops.

    Kanye West once tweeted about Skrillex's Grammy winning remix of Benny Benassi's 'Cinema', calling it "one of the greatest works of art ever made." Indeed over the years, Skrillex has caught the attention of an impressive and eclectic mix of collaborators, including the likes of Ellie Goulding (the two were in a relationship for a period), Damien Marley, Diplo, Nero, Deadmau5, A$AP Rocky, Chance the Rapper, Kill the Noise, The Doors (yes, you read that last one correctly), and many more.

    Skrillex has toured with sold-out shows worldwide. Renowned for impressive set design, the Mothership tour is said to have required eight fully loaded tractor-trailer trucks to transport its giant onstage spaceship. He has further built a reputation for his cleverly synchronised audio/ visual displays, with plenty of smoke machines, fire and explosions (paper cannons - don't worry).