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  • Detroit born Big Sean has worked hard to get to the top but with a little help from Kanye West on the way, he is now an award winning, chart topper.

    Born in 1988 in the West Side of Detroit, Michigan, Big Sean, born Sean Michael Leonard Anderson, spent his years working on his rapping whilst at the same time building an important relationship with local rap station WHTD.

    When in 2005 Sean heard Kanye was going to be interviewed at the station, he rushed over hoping to meet one of his heroes. After Kanye reluctantly heard Sean freestyling, he was impressed enough to take a demo. This was the beginning of an important future friendship for Sean and two years later he signed to Kanye’s GOOD Music label.

    He soon released his first mixtapes ‘Finally Famous: The Mixtape’ in 2007 and two years later ‘UKNOWBIGSEAN’, both of which began to build his profile with the help of hit singles like ‘Get’Cha Some’.

    His debut album ‘Finally Famous’ came out in June 2011 and was a huge success spawning singles like ‘My Last’ and making its way to number 3 on the Billboard 200.

    Sean continued to ride the success of this album when he began work on his next project, a collaboration between GOOD Music artists that would eventually become ‘Cruel Summer’. Released in 2012 this was another home-run success birthing the Billboard Award winning single ‘Mercy’.

    In 2013 Big Sean released his second solo album ‘Hall of Fame’ and when it reached number one in the R&B and Hip Hop albums there was no denying that Sean really was Finally Famous.