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  • Formed in 2004, MGMT are a psychedelic rock group from Connecticut, US, formed around the core duo of Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden. Their first release was the 2005 E.P “Climbing to New Lows” and they’ve released three studio albums since then.

    Anyone who remembers the summer of 2008 will have their memories colonized by this band whether they realize it or not. The first MGMT album, “Oracular Spectacular” and especially the two smash hit singles “Kids” and “Time to Pretend” seemed to be the background radiation of everyone’s life and it made an absolutely dismal washout of a season feel like San Francisco in 1967 everywhere you went, even when it was bucketing down relentlessly, which it often did.

    That’s just the effect that this band has even to this day, and that stems from the bands attitude as much as it does the music, hitching a stringent adherence to not giving a damn about what anyone else thinks to gorgeously catchy melodies and floaty psychedelia.

    I’m not kidding about the not giving a damn part, the band were never about getting famous. What bunch of fame hungry chancers would do as Goldwasser and VanWyngarden did and perform their first gigs dressed as snowmen playing 45 minute versions of the theme from Ghostbusters?

    Those shows were played explicitly to annoy their fellow students at the Wesleyan University in Connecticut where they formed, however after Goldwasser and VanWyngarden realized that they had legitimate musical chemistry they developed their brand of psychedelic pop and signed to Columbia Records in 2006. Since their debut the band have shied away from releasing the radio friendly singles that made their name and have released two albums of uncompromising, yet dizzyingly good psychedelic rock as a result and they’re only getting better from here on out.