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  • Downlink’s music creates a sensation similar to one of riding a roller coaster in the dark. You know to expect a thrilling experience, but never are aware of when its going to hit. His dynamics flail about unexpectedly darting from ear-piercing high pitch frequencies to low end sonic blasts.

    A native of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, Sean Casavant became entangled in the dubstep scene in 2007. By 2009 he started to release music professionally under his stage name Downlink. His early sound owes much to Jungle & DnB styles, but as he fine-tuned his style he started to operate on the abrasive/subatomic side of those genres. His music does not shy away from old-school hip-hop beats or cascades of downtempo soundscapes; however, the bulk of his material veers toward overdriven mayhem. It comes to very little surprise that he is just as likely to cite heavy metal artists like Korn as an influence as he is rave upstarts like STS9.

    Downlink’s 1st “official” release, the 6 track EP “Ignition” came out on 18 November 2009. It established him as the “filth lord” of the dubstep genre and included a guest appearance from Datsik (specifically on the track “Against the Machines”). This track was also released as a single through Substruck Records and featured “Moonrock Badman” as the b-side. Through the label EX7 he released another split single, this time with Excision. That track was released in 2010 as well as his 2nd studio EP “Emergency”, which was put out through Rottun Recordings.

    Downlink stuck with Rottun Recordings for a while and in 2011 issued two split singles with Vaski: “Biohazard/Zombie Apocalypse” and “The Scientist/Brennenberg”, a solo single: “Factory/Yeah” and 2 split releases with Excision: “Existence EP” and “Crowd Control”.

    While Downlink’s studio releases provide a generally good idea of what this artist is about, there is no comparisons to his live performances. He has swept across the dance floors in multiple countries, continuing wowing audiences with his intense and counterintuitive sound design. He plays nightclubs more frequently than traditional music venues and is often spotted at huge electronic music festivals like Valhalla and Shambhala.