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  • Bursting out of Orlando, Florida, US, Blood on the Dance Floor are an electro-pop duo, fusing screamo, EDM and techno influences to create their ‘unique’ style.

    The band formed in 2007, initially as a trio called Love the Fashion, headed up by David Jesus Torres, also known as Dahvie Vanity alongside Christoper Mongillo and Rebecca Fugate. The band soon became a serious venture and they renamed themselves as Blood on the Dance Floor, quickly hitting the studio to record their debut. “Let’s Start a Riot” appeared in 2008, with the members quickly returning to the studio for their second effort, “It’s Hard to be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World” that same year. Frustrated at being unable to perform live and tour, Mongillo and Fugate left the band, with Vanity continuing the act in the Orlando, US area.

    Vanity soon built a cult following, known as the Slash Gash Terror Crew, having established the band in his hometown. Whilst touring the area, Vanity teamed up with Garrett Ecstasy to form a duo, who began recording new material in 2009. After releasing a string of EPs, “I Scream I Scream,” “OMFG Sneak Peak” and “Extended Play,” the act embarked on a nationwide tour across the US.

    Ecstasy was kicked out of the band following the tour and a replacement was found in Jayy Von Monroe, who took over vocals as well as rapping duties. Their third album, “Epic,” arrived in October 2010, peaking at number five on Billboard’s dance/electronic charts. After touring in support of the release, the band quickly returned to the studio and recorded “All the Rage” (2011). Spots on the Warped Tour as well as their own headline tour helped to bolster the group’s popularity and find new fans. Two further albums, “Bad Blood” (2013) and “Bitchcraft” (2014) were since released to moderate success, continuing to find significant appeal amongst their fans.