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  • Recognized as one of Australian’s fastest rising DJs, Will Sparks has built a reputation for himself as an artist who has a deep understanding of the current cultural climate and through his technocracy has been able to both cater to it and shape it through bold experimentation and intuition.

    By the time Sparks hit age 20 he was already a signature figure in his home country’s electronic music scene. Sparks has since progressed on a world wide scale level, steadily setting a stir in the global EDM scene. His technique has gained a strong footing and though its shape is well defined, it continues to fluctuate with the rapid trends of electronic music and never ceases to surprise.

    On 22 October 2012, Sparks released the single “Drop That” with collaborator Zoolanda. The track took a maximalist approach pushing the volume exponentially, but when one might expect to hear the whole mix collapse into an implosive crescendo underlined by rumbling of near inaudible bass tones, it instead tapers off teasing the listener with a collage of displaced vocal glitches and muted drum pulses. It is Spark’s willingness to question the tired trends in electronic music that makes him such an enigmatic character in this music scene.

    July of 2013 saw the release of the single “Bring it Back”, another joint effort, but this time with producer Joel Fletcher. The single was issued by Netherlands base label “Ones to Watch”.

    Sparks put out another Scandinavian release with 2014’s single “Catch”, which was issued in Sweden by Sony Music. This track still embraced many of the qualities of house music, but stepped away from the electro based style, stepping into a more progressive techno structure.

    Additionally Sparks has been noted for frequently dominating the Beatport charts. His track “Ah Yeah!”, which in many ways has been credited for defining the Melbourne bounce genre peaked at No. 3 on the Beatport overall chart and his remix of the Lil Wayne & Christina Milan track “Hello” took the No.1 spot. Sparks’ single “Viking” made a huge splash amongst the general public, raking in 40K listens in a 24 hr time span. Sparks’ has not only proven himself to be a fan favorite within the EDM scene, he has also won the respect of various publications such as intermix, which voted him number 2 on their list for the “Top 50 DJs”.

    Sparks has played multiple sold out gigs at some of the world’s hippest clubs like the Pacha in New York, Studio Paris in Chicago, XL in Las Vegas, and has also played large scale festivals like Goodlife Festival, Future Music Festival, and SummerDayze alongside acts like Avicii, Calvin Harris, and Chuckie. In 2014 Sparks released his highly anticipated studio EP “Another Land”.