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  • Waxahatchee is a project fronted Katie Crutchfield, a singer and songwriter hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, United States who was born on the 4th of January 1989. Crutchfield debuted the project in 2011 and has released three critically acclaimed albums under its name since 2012.

    Waxahatchee was born out of troubled times for Katie Crutchfield. Since the age of fifteen she’d played in indie rock bands with her twin sister Allison, the first was called The Ackleys, and the second was called P.S Elliot. Despite how they swore they were going to stay in a band forever, it came to a full time end in 2011. Around the same time Katie went through a nasty break-up, and needing to get away from the world, she stole away to her parents holiday home in her native state of Alabama. She spent her week there writing the songs that would make up her debut as Waxahatchee “American Weekend”, and took the name of the creek that the house looks out on as the projects name.

    Once she felt ready, she left the house and upped sticks to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she started performing live as Waxahatchee. She made an impression almost immediately and was soon signed to Don Giovanni Records for the release of “American Weekend” in January 2012. The record was immediately praised for its vulnerability, atmosphere and sheer quality of songwriting and it made a name for Crutchfield and her sister’s band Swearin’ the world over. She followed it up by signing with Wichita Records for the release of her second album “Cerulean Salt” and since then she’s remained one of the most acclaimed artist to debut this decade.

    Taking the best of anti-folk’s confessional spirit and ramshackle attitude with absolutely delectable pop melodies, Waxahatchee comes highly recommended.