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  • Tom Vek, born on 10 May 1981, is an English multi-instrumentalist musician who has been performing pop and rock music since 2004.

    Tom Vek was born Thomas Timothy Vernon-Kell but shortened his name for the sake of his career. He was born in Hounslow in London, England and spent his early years writing and recording songs in his parents’ garage, having been heavily into music from a young age. At the age of twenty he was signed o the small music label, Tummy Touch records and recorded his first album whilst simultaneously studying for a degree in Graphic designs. The album was only ready for release, however, by 2005.

    Vek made a small appearance in the popular teen drama ‘The OC’ in which he performed his song ‘I Ain’t Saying my Goodbyes’, which earned his some recognition and gave him much needed exposure. As a combination of pop, alternative and experimental rock, his music began to be popular, especially amongst younger people. This was also aided by the fact that another of his tracks featured on the popular game, Grand Theft Auto IV.

    In 2011 Vek returned to the music scene with his second album, a good six years after his first. The album, titled ‘Leisure Seizure’, proved to be a success: The first single from the album, which was called ‘A Chore’, had its Radio 1 debut on Zane Lowe's show on 18 April 2011 and was heard by thousands. The success of his second album led to a third, ‘Luck’.