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  • Popular singer/songwriter from Chichester, West Sussex, UK, Tom Odell had a meteoric rise to success after the release of his debut album, impressing with his emotive vocals and delicate, keyboard driven songs.

    Growing up listening to the likes of Elton John, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley, Odell developed a strong passion for music, a passion he followed after abandoning plans to study at the University of York, instead choosing to take a place at the prestigious Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM). During his studies, he formed the band, Tom and the Tides, yet after finishing his studies at BIMM, he decided to pursue a solo career.

    Attracting the attention of pop star Lily Allen, she signed Odell to In the Name Of, a subsidiary of Columbia Records. Odell soon got to work on his first recordings, releasing the EP, "Songs From Another Love" in October 2012. He made his television debut on the popular show, "Later… with Jools Holland," through which he impressed viewers and music critics alike.

    His debut album, "Long Way Down," arrived in June 2013, capitalizing on media hype and achieving a number one record in the UK. The album was widely successful throughout Europe, breaking into the Top 40 in several countries.

    Following the success of his debut, Odell embarked upon a national tour in the UK, helping to support his album. In 2014, Odell covered The Beatles' track, "Real Love," for John Lewis' annual Christmas advert, gaining further publicity for the artist. Upon its release as a single, the track debuted at 21 in the UK Singles Chart before rising to number seven.