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  • Thirty Seconds to Mars is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California, US. The band is just a three piece consisting of the Leto brothers and Tomo Milicevic, but their sound is epic for such a small band.

    Although Thirty Seconds to Mars is generally described as an alternative rock band, their music is inspired by all styles of music and contains elements of experimental music as well as themes that are often philosophical. Their large atmospheric sound that the band creates often garners comparison to musical acts such as The Cure, Pink Floyd and U2.

    Jared Leto and his brother Shannon Leto decided on the name Thirty Seconds to Mars because they wanted the name of the band to describe the sound of their music, which they labeled as urgent and cinematic. The brothers formed the band in 1998 and began performing material in small clubs that Jared Leto had written. After playing small gigs and writing a bunch of material, the band finally released their self-titled debut album in 2002 under Virgin Records.

    The band’s debut was a concept album that focused on the theme of self-determination and followed the style of progressive metal and space rock. The album featured the consistent use of electronics and had an overall aggressive tone, which sounded somewhere between Tool and Rush.

    Thirty Seconds to Mars really broke into the mainstream with the release of their 2005 album “A Beautiful Lie”. On this album Jared Leto took a more sincere and emotional approach to songwriting making the album a more personal one. The album clearly conveys Jared Leto exerting his voice in a raw manner, which gives the album a more personal touch. The album has gone on to reach gold and platinum status in several countries and contains a myriad of hit songs. Some of the most famous songs on the album include “Attack”, “A Beautiful Lie”, “The Kill”, and “From Yesterday”.

    Thirty Seconds to Mars always makes sure they are approaching things in the most creative way when they are making music. Their third album “This Is War” features 2,000 different album covers that consist of the best shots that fans took of themselves. The band has always taken priority in their fans and at some of their shows they have even let fans provide backing vocals and percussion to their music.

    Thirty Seconds to Mars have also established themselves as one of the hardest working artists in the business when it comes to touring. In 2011 the band was inducted into the Guinness World Records for performing the most live shows for a single album cycle.

    When Jared Leto is not working hard at writing music and performing it across the world, he is usually acting in films. His film work has proven to be just as successful as his music, having already won an Oscar for his work in “Dallas Buyers Club”.

    Thirty Seconds to Mars is consistently selling out shows wherever they tour and have had great success in their album sales having already sold over 15 million albums. Jared Leto is a natural born performer that has mastered showmanship both on the screen and on the stage when he is performing high energy shows with his intense band.