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  • Stick Figure (formed in 2006) is an American dub and roots reggae project founded by the Massachusetts-native and multi-instrumentalist Scott Woodruff, which has since expanded into a four-piece band.

    Hailing from Duxbury, Massachusetts, U.S., Scott Woodruff formed Stick Figure as an outlet for his musical talents and interest in the reggae genre. Adopting the sobriquet Stick Figure he was given during high school, during college Woodruff would enthusiastically submit instrumental tracks to the Sublime Archive website. The musician issued his debut album “The Sound of My Addiction” in 2006, crafted by layering tracks upon one another in unison. The record introduced Woodruff to a small, devoted group of listeners, however his second, “Burnin’ Ocean”, did wonders for his national exposure with the album charting impressively on the iTunes Reggae Chart. Released in 2008, the record was led by the single “So Good”, which notably borrows the melody of Gary Jules’ “Mad World”.

    In 2009 Woodruff issued his most hard-hitting album to date, “Smoke Stack”, featuring more aggressive vocals, echoes of dub, and heavy bass. Following the release the multi-instrumentalist moved to San Diego, California and enlisted the help of a full band in aid of his fourth full-length album “Reprise Session” (2010).

    Featuring respected reggae singer Half Pint, Stick Figure’s fifth studio album “Burial Ground” was seen to be Woodruff’s most innovative album to date and represented a growth in his musical prowess. The 2012 record topped the iTunes and Billboard Reggae charts after which Woodruff invited keyboardist Kevin Bong, drummer Kevin Offitzer, and bassist Tommy Suliman to join him on the record’s supporting tour and subsequent releases.