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  • The Steve Miller Band is an American blue rock/ country rock band from San Francisco, California, having transplanted from Madison, Wisconsin.

    Vocalist and guitarist, Steve Miller moved to Chicago in 1965 to play the blues scene with Barry Goldberg, and together they formed the Goldberg-Miller Blues Band. The band got a record contract with Epic Records, however Miller decided to move to San Francisco for the psychedelic scene. He formed the Steve Miller band, and with the help of managing partner Harvey Kornspan, signed with Capitol Records. In February 1968 while in England, the band recorded their first album entitiled “Children of the Future.” The album did not fare so well, but their sophomore album “Sailor” climed to Number 24 on the Billboard charts. In 1973 the band, which had gone a radical lineup change, released “The Joker,” which left behind the psychedelic stylings for a more bluesy rock sound.

    The band returned three years later with “Fly Like An Eagle” which charted to Number 3. A mere year later the band released “Book of Dreams” which had three singles that reached charting success. After serious touring and a few more album released, The Steve Miller Band released a greatest hits compilation in 1978, selling over 13 million copies. In 2010 the band released a cover album of blues and R&B songs entitled “Bingo!” In 2011 they released an album called “Let Your Hair Down” as a companion record to “Bingo!”