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  • St. Paul and The Broken Bones is a seven-piece soul band originally from Birmingham, Alabama which formed in 2012 and consists of Paul Janeway, Jesse Phillips and a number of other musicians.

    Although the band didn't become active until 2012, Paul Janeway and Jesse Phillips actually met in the mid-2000s while both being part of another musical project. The pair reunited in 2012 in Ol' Elegante Studios in Birmingham, AL and began work on a new collaboration that would go on to be known as St. Paul and the Broken Bones. Through quite an organic movement, the two began working around Janeway's vocals before realising that the sounds created were all very soulful. After being joined by Browan Lollar, they recorded their first EP 'Greetings from St. Paul and The Broken Bones' before working out their live arrangements or gigging to crowds.

    After a positive response the band quickly went on to begin recording sessions for the debut album 'Half the City'. It was at this time that keyboard player Al Gamble joined the operation and has remained a key element ever since. The production side was handled by Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes fame.

    The preceding critique of 'Half the City' was very positive and this strong recommendation along with a number of high profile television features and performances led onto good chart success. The debut album reached #3 on iTunes Top Albums charts and #56 on Billboard 200 charts. They supported the release with a worldwide tour, taking their sound to Europe where their music is lesser known.