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  • Squarepusher (born January 17, 1975) is the stage and performing name of Tom Jenkinson, an British experimental drum and bass electronic music artist, hailing from Chelmsford, Essex, UK.

    Starting his musical life learning classical guitar, Jenkinson later joined a Metallica influenced thrash metal band, at the tender age of 12. Playing the bass guitar, the musician went on to form and perform in a number of locals bands arounds East Anglia and London, before in 1991 discovering house, techno and acid house music.

    Jenkinson’s rise to popularity happened in a remarkably short time following the release of a pair of EPs “Crot” and Stereotype” in 1994. The releases lifted the musician from obscurity and led to guaranteed EP and LP releases from a number of labels. These releases included his first full-length album “Feed Me Weird Things” released on Warp Records and introduced the drum & bass and house genre to Jenkinson’s notorious jazz influences, super-fast punk-like abrasive percussion and sampling of his own bass playing. The musician soon became noted for playing live with a fretless base, accompanied by his laptop, through which he conjures up his beats and synths, and soon found an audience within the experimental post-acid scene.

    Jenkinson’s highest praise came in 1998 with the album “Music Is Rotted One Note” after the releases of “Hard Normal Daddy” in 1996 and “Big Loada” in 1997. Squarepusher subsequently released a pair of EPs “Budakhan Mindphone” and “Maximum Priest”, the LP “Selection Sixteen” and the first wholly-digital release “Go Plastic” in 2000.

    Reluctant to let his previous EPs, LPs and remixes pigeonhole his future releases, Jenkinson became notoriously experimental in his approach, fusing a whole host of interests and influences. Squarepusher’s later material included 2003’s “Do You Know Squarepusher”, 2004’s “Ultravisitor”, 2006’s “Hello Everything”, 2008’s “Just a Souvenir” and “Ufabulum” in 2012. A project with Japanese roboticists led to the album “Z-Machines” where robots played music far-exceeding their human counterparts and later released the EP “Music for Robots” in 2014.