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  • Oliver Dene Jones, better known by his stage name Skream, is an English dub-step/ deep house electronic music artist from Croyden, London.

    Born in West Wickham, Bromley in London on 1 June 1986, Skream started making music at the age of 15. As a teenager he worked at Big Apple Records where he made connections including one with Hatcha, another dub-step pioneer. He would frequently skip school to work at Big Apple and much of his early production work was with older artists.

    As dubstep started to pick up in popularity, Skream’s music started to develop more, away from darker, garage rock to more of dub, house and even jazz. He continued to record and released his song “Midnight Request Line” which was extremely well received. It has been praised as “dubstep’s most recognizable crossover hit” in 2005. Skream also released a number of records through various labels like Tempa, Tectonic and Big Apple; additionally he worked with Niall Henshaw as the duo named Spectrum. He released his first full-length, self titled album with Tempa in 2006.

    Skream has performed all over the world, and in 2006 started to host a radio show called Stella Sessions. In 2009 he further grew in popularity and prominence when he released a remix for La Roux’s “In For the Kill” which peaked at number two on the charts and was featured on a television show called Skins.