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  • Anthony Ray better known by his stage name Sir Mix-a-Lot, is an American MC and producer based in Seattle, Washington.

    Sir Mix-a-Lot began his musical career by founding the Nastymix record label with partner Nasty Nes. He released a variety of singles over the following years in an attempt to make a name for himself on the hip hop circuit. He collated some of his early material into the debut album 'Swass' which featured singles such as 'Square Dance Rap' and 'Posse on Broadway'. This album now holds a platinum selling certificate in the United States.

    His most successful album 'Mack Daddy' was released through the Def American label and charted at #9 on the US Billboard. It features hit single 'Baby Got Back' which is Ray's most known single to date, topping the US Singles chart upon release. It is now certified as double platinum selling and won the artist his only Grammy Award to date in the Best Rap Solo Performance category.

    His next two albums were poorly promoted by his record label which forced Mix-a-Lot to part ways with them after 'Return of the Bumpasaurus' failed to even make the top 100 on the US Billboard. Sir Mix-a-Lot decided to sign to the independent Artist Direct label to release the album 'Daddy's Home' in 2003, it failed to chart and he has not released an album since to date. The producer's biggest single 'Baby Got Back' was featured in Nicki Minaj's 2014 hit single 'Anaconda' with Anthony commenting that it is a 'new and improved version'.