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  • Satyricon (formed in 1991) is a Norwegian Black Metal fusion three-piece, known for their melodic and folksy embellishments, hailing from Oslo, Norway.

    Originally formed in 1990 under the moniker Eczema by bassist Wargod and drummer Exhurtum, once the decision to play Black Metal had been made in 1991, the name changed to Satyricon. Wargod and Exhurtum subsequently made way for Frost and Kine, and Satyr, also known as Sigurd Wongraven, joined as lead singer. After a series of early demos, Satyricon released the split demo with Enslaved entitled “The Forest Is My Throne” in 1993, followed by the full-length “Dark Medieval Times” in 1994. The album was issued by Moonfog Records and features a line-up of Satyr and Frost, a duo which would last until 1996.

    The studio album “The Shadowthrone” followed in 1994, featuring more of a textured and atmospheric sound than its predecessor. Once again issued by Moonfog, the album features guitar contributions from Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen, despite not being an official member of the band. Satyricon’s third studio album “Nemesis Divina” was issued in April 1996 and marked the arrival of rhythm guitarist Kveldulv, also known as Ted Skjellum. The album was the first to earn a U.S. release and with it brought a more aggressive and darker musical style.

    The EPs “Megiddo” (1997) and “Intermezzo” (1999) were subsequently released, along with the compilation album “The Box Set” in 1998. Satyricon’s fourth full-length “Rebel Extravaganza” (1999) saw the band move in a synth-orientated direction, with greater use of melodic embellishments, and became the group’s first album to chart in Norway reaching No. 32. “Volcano” followed in 2002 and proved one of the band’s best selling albums, later winning the Norwegian Grammy for Best Metal Album. The band subsequently released “Now, Diabolical” in 2006, “The Age of Nero” in 2008, and the Norwegian No. 1 album “Satyricon” in September 2013.