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  • Ron Pope (born July 23, 1983) is an American melodic and acoustic pop singer-songwriter and guitarist who is best known for his 2008 debut album “Daylight”, hailing from Marietta, Georgia, U.S.

    Inspired by Garden State native Bruce Springsteen from an early age, Pope first picked up the guitar during middle school. The singer went on to form a number of bands in high school to compete in talent shows before enrolling at Rutgers University to play baseball. In 2003 a career-ruining injury led Pope to transfer to New York University where he immersed himself in his pursuit of music, later meeting Zach Berkman and Paul Hammer. Alongside Chris Kienel, Will Frish, and Mike Clifford, the candid songwriter formed the band The District, which generated a great deal of exposure for a college band.

    Following two years of touring nationally with the group and three album releases “The District”, “The District Does Christmas”, and “Last Call”, Ron Pope went solo in 2006. Two years later the singer independently issued his debut solo album “Daylight”. The record followed a successful appearance on MTV’s “TRL”, which, greatly increasing his exposure, led to a growing and devoted online following. The albums “The Bedroom Demos” and “Goodbye, Goodnight” appeared in 2009, followed by “Hello, Love” in 2010. The substantial buzz this generated for the musician resulted in Pope signing with Universal Republic in May 2009, who issued the internet smash hit single “A Drop in the Ocean” and “I Believe” the following year.

    Deciding to go independent once again, Pope departed Universal and began crafting his heartfelt fifth full-length “The New England Sessions”. Proving another popular release Pope has continued to gain momentum with the subsequent albums “Ron Pope Live & Unplugged in New York”, “Whatever It Takes”, and “Atlanta”, “Monster”, and “Calling Off The Dogs”.