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  • The Romantics are a band hailing from Detroit, Michigan, United States who formed in 1976. Since their debut the band have released six studio albums, and become one of the most inspirational power-pop acts of all time.

    Fittingly enough for people who would call their band The Romantics, Wally Palmar, Jimmy Marinos, Mike Skill and Rich Cole played their first gig together on Valentines Day 1977. It was this very concert that would inspire their name, and playing their brand of perky new wave that was a direct challenge to the nihilism of British punk rock, the band spent the next couple of years touring around their native Michigan and the surrounding states. By 1979 the band had signed a record deal with Nemperor Records and their self-titled debut album came out in the September of that year. The album was in danger of slipping under the radar until the release of the single “What I Like About You”, which became a sleeper hit all over the world, charting everywhere from the U.S to Australia, where it was a top ten hit single.

    However, it wasn't until their fourth album “In Heat” that the band became bona-fide pop stars. Off the back of the top three hit single “Talking In Your Sleep”, the record would be certified Gold in both the U.S and Canada, and would enjoy top twenty placings all over the world. To this very day, the band continue to play live, and with over three and a half decades of experience to their name, their concerts have been better received than they've ever been. They might not still be clad in the trademark red leather suits of their heyday, but they've become a fundamentally better band since then. For continuing to develop where many would rest on their laurels, The Romantics come highly recommended.