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  • Born Richard Starkey Jr. on July 7th 1940, Ringo Starr is best known as the drummer of the record breaking pop act, The Beatles.

    Ringo Starr, like his peers in the Beatles embarked on a solo career despite his lack of songwriting abilities. His first and second instalments came in the form of “Sentimental Journey” on March 27th 1970, and “Beaucoups of Blues” released on September 25th 1970. The former reached number reached number 7 in the UK Albums charts, and number 22 in the Billboard 200. The latter unfortunately didn’t achieve similar chart success, however, it was recorded impressively in just two days.

    His third album simply entitled “Ringo” released on November 2nd 1973 made it to number 7 in the UK Albums chart and number 2 in the Billboard 200. It was shortly after, certified Platinum by the RIAA. The album featured appearances of all four members of the Beatles. His fourth studio album, “Goodnight Vienna” despite not matching the success of the previous “Ringo” was certified Silver by the BPI and Gold by the RIAA, and peaking in the top twenty of eight countries.

    Starr continued to release solo albums over the years including “Ring’s Rotogravure”, and “Ringo the 4th”. Unfortunately when Starr released “Old Wave” on June 16th 1983, the album didn’t achieve any chart success. He had a hiatus for the next decade, before releasing “Time Takes Time” on May 22nd 1992, which at best reached number 19 in Austria, however, Ringo Starr by this point had formed his All-Starr band, which he still tours with to this day.

    On January 14th 2008, Starr released “Liverpool 8” which still managed to make the charts of six countries. He has also released a total of twelve live albums with his All-Starr band.