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  • Reba McEntire born in Oklahoma, US, on March 28th March 1955 is an American country music singer, songwriter and actress.

    Reba's career started in the most American way - at her high school- singing in her Kiowa High school band. Which subsequently also brought her to perform numerously at her local radio station and at rodeos that were held in her small town.

    The red-headed singer's music career began in 1976 when she was signed by music label Mercury. Following the signing, she went on to release her debut single, titled, "I Don't Want to Be a One Night Stand". Disappointingly, the single was not as successful as Mercury and herself had hoped. Reaching only number 88, it flopped and failed to become a big success on the Billboard country music chart- which is what both herself and her record label had in mind.

    After numerous album debuts, Reba finally made a breakthrough in 1984 when she signed with MCA Nashville Records, releasing her seventh studio album, named "Just a Little Love".

    The singer from Oklahoma has gone on to have masses of success, issuing over 30 studio albums. Her success did not end there as she, impressively, then went on to storm an amazing acting career in television and on Broadway.

    The country singer is thought of as one of American country music's most treasured entertainers and one of the most powerful female vocalists. Reba McEntire proves anyone can make it, no matter how small your home-town is.