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  • Formed in 2011, Radical Something is a hip-hop and rock crossover band from California, inviting influences from reggae and pop too.

    Radical Something came together whilst Alex Lagemann, and Michael Constanzo were at university both on football scholarships. They started to put hip-hop demos together in their halls of residence, one of which culminated in being a video that they uploaded to YouTube, which caught the attention of the photographer Bruce Weber, who was taken a back by the band’s sound that he booked them to compose and arrange a soundtrack for a short film that he had made. Radical Something complied, and spent two weeks recording the songs for this soundtrack. Having spent so much time as a creative unit in such a short space of time, the band decided to put a name on what they’re doing.

    Following this decision they released their debut full-length album, which was downloaded 50,000 times online, reaching number 9 in the alternative chart on iTunes. RS released their second album, “No Sweat”, which was an EP that peaked at the iTunes album chart and number 33 on the Independent chart. They embarked on a tour to promote the album, and just after the tour they released yet another album called “The Summer Of Rad” which was and online series that went on to achieve half a million downloads.

    RS downloaded their album “Ride it Out” on September 2nd 2013, making it to number three in the alternative charts. The band went on a thirty date tour shortly after. In 2014, the band continued to tour throughout the spring, this time alongside artist, Logic on the Verge Campus tour, which was made up of 25 college shows. It was on July 28th that the band would release their single “Cali Get Down”.