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  • With a staggering four Grammy Awards, six Platinum and four Gold albums to her name, you’d think that the sky is the limit for some artists but it’s fair to say that Pat Benatar’s success is off the charts and into the stratosphere.

    Pat Benetar, born, Patricia Mae Andrzejwski, is originally from Greenpoint, Brooklyn in New York City. With a passion for music and theatre early on in life at the age of eight, Benetar began singing lessons, singing in every school production that she could. She later had the opportunity to enrol at one of the best arts schools in the world, Julliard, but decided that she didn’t want to embark on that particular career path, so studied Health Education instead. Through a couple of twists and turns, and entering a talent competition where she sang a rock song and won, she found herself recording commercial jingles for Pepsi, which is where she finally got noticed and went on to record the huge hit album, “In the Heat of the Night” which was released in 1979, and reached #12 in the US. It was only the catalyst of what would turn into a 30 plus year career, seeing her sell upwards of 30 million albums to date, becoming a huge international success, releasing 30 plus singles, fifteen of them being top 40, and maintaining such a stellar reputation to this day.

    Her career doesn’t stop at music as her song “We Belong” was part of a $20 million campaign for Sheraton Hotels, and is now a commercial spokeswoman for the Energizer company.