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  • Onra is the stage name of inventive French hip-hop and world music producer and beat maker Arnaud Bernard, hailing from Paris, France.

    Born in Germany in 1981, but largely raised in Paris, France, Arnaud Bernard has Vietnamese and Ivory Coast ancestry in his blood, whose influences are apparent in his music. Having discovered an insatiable passion for music at the age of 10, Bernard began crafting music at the age of 19 before studying business marketing in Paris. Following his graduation in 2006, in a collaboration with producer Quetzal, Onra released his debut album “Tribute”. Later in 2006 the musician made a trip to Vietnam bringing back with him a collection of records, which would make up the eclectic material of his debut full-length “Chinoiseries” in 2007. Mixing the world tones of ’60’s and ’70’s Vietnamese pop, with modern day hip-hop beats and bass, the critically acclaimed album exposed the artist to listeners the world over – proving a progressive mix of old and new, of East and West.

    Taken from the album, the single “The Anthem” later earned an EP release of the same name, due to its upbeat nature and a feature on a Coca Cola commercial. After attending the Red Bull Music Academy in 2008, Onra released the EP “My Comet / Shhhhhhh” and the collaborative follow-up “Tribute EP II”. The 7” “Chinoseries” arrived in 2009 followed by Onra’s sophomore full-length “1.0.8” released on Bo Bun Records in March 2009. Following the release the musician moved to All City Records who issued his third studio album “Long Distance” in 2010. Featuring contributions from Oliver DaySoul, Walter Mecca, and T3 of Slum Village amongst a host of other artists, the record once again earned critical acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork Media and Jay-Z’s blog LifeAndTimes.

    A follow-up to “Chinoiseries” arrived in 2011 entitled “Chinoiseries Pt. 2” featuring similar Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese influences as were found on his debut full-length. The EP “Deep in the Night” followed in 2012, after which, tired of the Onra moniker, Bernard collaborated with French producer Buddy Sativa on the spritual jazz project, the Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo, later releasing a self-titled album. Refreshed from the time away, Onra issued the full-length “Fundamentals” featuring guest appearances from Perrion, Chuck Inglish, Oliver Daysoul, and Suzi Analogue in 2015.