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  • The brainchild of Tyler, The Creator, ‘Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’ turned a group of young LA creatives into the most hyped group in music and in doing so, changed the industry forever.

    As a young kid, Tyler Okonma was a constant source of creativity but had a troubled youth, bouncing between schools and having no relationship with his father who he hasn’t met to this day. He formed Odd Future as a way of uniting his friends, a group of rappers, musicians and skaters that lived around LA.

    Tyler’s first album ‘Bastard’ would be the first to garner attention for the group and, alongside the acclaim of the debut release from one of the crew’s newest members ‘Earl Sweatshirt’, it saw the Odd Future reach new heights. The gang began to play shows outside of its local area and became known for their ferocious punk rock energy, with moshing and crowd surfing always present.

    The eerie, self-directed video to Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Yonkers’ became many people’s first interaction with the group after it was called the video of the year by Kanye West. Always vigilant in his desire for complete creative control, Tyler signed a one album deal with XL records before forming his own Sony-distributed imprint ‘Odd Future Records’.

    The group have continued to release a diverse mix of music from the timeless, heartfelt Rnb of Frank Ocean to the space-funk of ‘The Internet’. It’s not just their music that has impressed fans and influenced the way things are conducted though. Their self-directed videos, successful fashion imprints and own personal carnival are just some of the innovative ideas that are a testament to free creativity and have had a lasting impact on how the music industry works in the 21st century.