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  • New Edition are a band hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, United States who formed in 1978. Since their debut, they have released seven studio albums and are generally considered to be one of the world's first true boy-bands.

    The group was formed by a group of five friends who all lived in the Orchard Park housing projects in Boston, Massachusetts. Bobby Brown, Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell, Travis Pettus and Corey Rackley all came together in 1978 and soon after their formation they were performing at local talent shows and anywhere else that would have them. Soon after their first live show they met Brooke Payne, a choreographer who was branching out into management. He saw something in the band so he had them audition for him a couple of days after first meeting them, and was so impressed with what he saw that he became their manager. He also named them New Edition as he saw them as an updated version of The Jackson 5, but it still wasn't enough for Rackley or Pettus.

    They left the group shortly after it was named, but were shortly replaced by Ralph Tresvant and Ronnie DeVoe, respectively. Over the next couple of years, the band continued to perform live and make demos until their big break in 1982, where they were seen live by the singer/producer Maurice Starr. Starr was so impressed with the band that he took them into his personal recording studio and cut their debut album “Candy Girl” right there and then. The album was released in 1983, and it's title track was a big hit, topping the Billboard R&B Chart and the U.K singles chart (the first ever number one single in the U.K to contain rapping as well!).

    While the band did get a big break thanks to Starr, it also turned out that Starr was meddling with their finances. Meaning that after a hugely successful nation-wide tour, the band each received a pay-check worth the princely sum of $1.87 for their efforts. The band parted ways with Starr and signed a record deal with MCA Records, leading to their commercial peak with their self-titled second album and its singles “Cool It Now” and “Mr. Telephone Man”. Ever since then, the band have remained a huge influence on modern R&B, as their hip-hop inflected chart pop paved the way for New Jack Swing acts like Boyz 2 Men. They're a band whose influence can be felt on the pop charts to this very day, and they remain an unmissable live act to boot. For that, they come highly recommended.