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  • Machinehead is a Grammy award nominated American thrash metal band formed in 1991. The band is originally from Oakland, California.

    The band was formed by bassist Robb Flynn, after he had unsuccessful stints in various bands including Forbidden and Vio-Lence. After leaving the latter, he, Adam Duce (Bass), Logan Mader (Guitair) and Tony Constanza (drums), decided to start a band named Machinehead. The band claim they chose the name because “it sounded cool”.

    After spending $800 to record a demo in a friend’s bedroom, the band was picked up by Roadrunner Records, and recorded their debut album “Burn My Eyes”. With the records aggressive themes, based on Flynn’s previous struggles in the music industry, the album was a success, selling 400,000 copies. With this release, the band cemented their status within the metal genre, and began touring frequently, including opening for Slayer on their European tour.

    A second album followed in 1997, titled “The More Things Change…”, during the recording of the album, Logan Mader left the band following issues with substance abuse. Once again the band toured heavily after, notably playing that year’s Ozzfest.

    1999 saw a change in direction for Machinehead, when they released their third LP, “The Burning Red”. This effort featured variations to the bands previous style, with the addition of rapping vocals following the boom of the nu-metal genre towards the new millennium. However this album and their fourth similar LP, “Supercharger” were not received well by fans, who wanted the band to return to their metal roots.

    By the release of their sixth studio album, “The Blackening” in 2007, Machinehead had completed a full turnaround, achieving commercial and critical success. The release drew comparisons the Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” with many reviewers calling it a triumph for the metal genre. That year the band toured around the world, including a show at Download Festival. The band have been releasing further records and touring since.