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  • The Puerto-Rican born singer; Luis Miguel, has delighted fans since 1980 with powerful vocals, style and a natural charisma within the Latin genre.

    As a young man Luis was made to watch and analyse everything related to Elvis, yes every recording, film and concert, including his music videos.

    This prepared him as when he was 11, Luis released his first album through the Mexican branch of EMI, the album titled "Un Sol" would spark a tremendous career and lead to countless tours.

    Miguel's 13th album; "Romance" has gone on to gain critical acclaim and wide popularity, setting many records and inevitably becoming extremely successful nationally. Released in 1991, it received good reviews all round. To promote the album, Miguel would set an event at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, a venue capable of holding up to 10,000. Within three hours of the concert going on sale tickets had become sold out, showing the true popularity this artist had gained.

    Selling 400,000 copies in its first 10 days and spending 32 weeks at number one on the Billboard Latin pop Albums chart "Romance" then ended both years; 1992 and 1993 as bestselling Latin pop album.

    In 1992 Miguel won three awards at the Billboard Music Awards.

    The awards include: Best Latin Artist, Best Latin Album and Best Spanish-Singing artist.

    As of today Luis Miguel has won five Grammy awards in the categories of: Best Mexican performance, Best Latin Male singer and various others. Alongside four Latin Grammy Awards.

    2014 has seen the release of a brand new single titled "Deja Vu" which sounds triumphant and contains a sweet trumpet section which is met by the joyous vocals of the talented singer.