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  • Low is an American indie rock group from Duluth, Minnesota, formed in 1993 and currently consists of Alan Sparhawk, Mimi Parker and Steve Garrington.

    The band formed in early 1993 after Sparhawk had been playing in the Wisconsin band Zen Identity which was formed by drummer Robb Berry and vocalist Bill Walton. The band recruited John Nichols as their bass player. Sparhawk left Zen Identity, who continued to perform and record without him, and he and Nichols recruited Sparhawk's wife Mimi Parker to play a makeshift drum kit composed of a single cymbal and a single floor tom in the outfit that would become Low.

    Low's debut album, 'I Could Live in Hope', was released on Virgin Records' Vernon Yard imprint in 1994. The band struggled to make any chart impact however until their 2005 release 'The Great Destroyer' which appeared on the US Billboard Heatseekers Charts and the UK album charts. What the band lacked in commercial chartings over their career they made up for in live reputation, their shows quickly became iconic on the indie circuit. They struggled in the beginning due to the quiet nature of their music being easily overshadowed by audience chatter and background noise.

    After this initial hurdle the band found their live stride and began to feature drastically reinterpreted cover versions of famous songs by the likes of Joy Division and The Smiths. In performance, Low shows off a sense of humor not necessarily found on their recordings; a tour in early 2004 featured a cover of OutKast's hit song "Hey Ya." At a gig in Los Angeles on Halloween 1998, the band took the stage as a Misfits tribute act, complete with corpse paint and black clothing.

    Their latest release 'The Invisible Way' was considered their most successful international release, charting just outside the UK top 40 album chart and also appeared on charts in countries including Ireland, France and The Netherlands. It was also received well critically, with Metacritic assigning the album an average score 80/100.