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  • Originally called Blyss, Lifehouse is an alternative rock band formed in Los Angeles, U.S. in 1999. Lifehouse has produced six albums over the past decade and a half, with songs gaining commercial success on both radio and television.

    The band, originally comprised of Jason Wade, Sergio Andrade, and Jon Palmer, signed with DreamWorks Records in 2000 under their new name Lifehouse. The debut album “No Name Face” was a re-recorded album from Blyss’s EP “Diff’s Lucky Day” and immediately became a mainstream success. The single “Hanging By A Moment” earned a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for the year 2001. It was also recognized internationally as the theme song for the 2000 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S. Lifehouse’s “Everything” was the first of many songs to appear on the soundtrack for television drama Smallville.

    Rick Woolstenhumle and Bryce Soderberg joined the band shortly after as drummer and bassist respectively. On 2 March 2005 Lifehouse released their self-titled third album “Lifehouse.” Their sound had evolved from grunge/rock to soft rock and the romantic acoustic tune “You and Me” became one of their hottest releases of the year, maintaining a consecutive 62-week streak on the Billboard Top 100. The song appeared on popular American shows like Grey’s Anatomy.

    After touring, Lifehouse delivered album “Who We Are” in 2007. The band has a magic ability to consistently produce catchy, screen-ready hits and has expanded to both the advertising world and film (i.e. “Broken” on the soundtrack of “The Time Traveler’s Wife”). During the years 2008-10 Lifehouse took a break from touring and spent the hiatus in the studio writing 35 songs, culminating in the 2010 release of “Smoke and Mirrors”. By this time, Lifehouse had collaborated with other artists such as Chris Daughtry and rapper Kevin Rudolf in their “half live/half studio” production. This major project was released as a two-disc deluxe album.

    We all recognize their songs because the lyrics are always relatable and timeless. Years later, Lifehouse songs are the some of the top downloaded songs on iTunes and most watched music videos online. Their consistency and honesty, great performances, and charisma characterize them as one of the most talented and reliable artists of the century.