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  • Lenka is a singer, songwriter and actress hailing from Bega, New South Wales, Australia who was born on March 19th, 1978. After acting professionally since the age of 16, she debuted as a solo artist in 2008, and has four studio albums to her name.

    Born Lenka Kripac to a Czech father and an Australian mother, Lenka was performing in one way, shape or form from a very early age due to her encouraging and artistic family. After her family moved from Bega to Sydney when Kripac was seven, she started classes in acting and musicianship before securing her first major TV role at the age of 16. While she enjoyed continued success as an actress music was always something she dabbled in, providing vocals on two tracks of Paul Mac's 2005 album “Panic Room”and going so far as to join the band Decoder Ring, playing on two of their albums. However in 2008, Kripac began her solo music career, releasing her debut single “The Show” in September of the same year.

    Her debut single was a success all over the world, charting strongly in Belgium, Japan and the U.K. However, she would remain a cult concern until 2012, where the third single from her second album, 2011's “Two”, was featured in a Windows 8 commercial. The single was another huge success all over the world and ever since then Lenka has remained one of the most acclaimed songwriters to come from Australia in a very long time. For showing that actors turned musicians can sometimes be amazing discoveries in their own right, she comes highly recommended.