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  • Kevin Fowler is a country singer and songwriter hailing from Amarillo, Texas, United States who was born in 1966. Since his debut in 2000 he has released seven studio albums, four of which debuted in the top forty of the Billboard Country Albums chart.

    A lot of country artists like to make people feel like they’re just like the people who listen to their records. Salt of the earth, working class folks who just so happen to know their way around a few guitar chords. While many of them aren’t that at all, Kevin Fowler is exactly that and then some. His father introduced him to country music when he was a child, and he got into rock and roll during his teenage years, but at the age of twenty, he realised that he wanted to spend his life as a musician. One of his own on stage singing his heart out.

    Fowler played the piano as a kid but when he hit twenty and realised his purpose in life, he immediately upped sticks from his native Amarillo and moved to Los Angeles, California, where he studied at the Guitar Institute of Technology. Once Fowler had mastered the basic chords he spent the rest of his time there learning advanced guitar techniques and writing his own songs. Once he finished his course he moved back to Texas, settling in Austin and spent the 1990’s playing for a number of Southern Rock acts. However, in 1998 Fowler quit rock music altogether to focus on his solo career in country music.

    He formed his own band and released his debut album “Beer, Bait and Ammo” in 2000. Despite the fact he had no record contract to speak of, it would go on to sell 30’000 copies and its title track would become such a popular radio hit that country legend Mark Chesnutt would cover it in concert. As a result of this sudden exposure, Fowler signed to the indie label Equity Music in 2004, unfortunately, the label folded after he released a further two albums on the label. However, Fowler had already made such a name for himself that he was signed to Lyric Street Records in 2010, and that was the point that he started down the road to country stardom.

    Ever since then, every one of his records has broke the top forty of the Billboard Country Album charts, with his 2014 effort “How Country Are Ya?” going straight in at number 9. A legend in his native Texas, few people are in touch with the average Joe like Kevin Fowler is, and for that reason, he comes highly recommended.