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  • Keith Jarrett is an American jazz and classical pianist from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Born in 1945, Keith Jarrett has played with the likes of Charles Lloyd and Miles Davis.

    Amazingly, Keith Jarrett was born with absolute pitch and was therefore musical pretty much from the moment he was born. Beginning piano lessons at the age of three, the young musician appeared on television talent shows at the age of five and was hosting formal recitals by the age of seven. As a teenager he studied jazz, and after taking to the art form he picked it up quickly and decided to pursue it at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

    After leaving college, Keith Jarrett moved to New York where he played with Art Blakely and Charles Lloyd. These successful collaborations lead to collaborations with Miles Davis, Dewey Redman and a host of other musical greats. In addition to his work with various quartets and groups, Keith Jarrett’s own solo projects have also been huge successes and the musician has toured all over the world to perform.

    Astonishingly, Keith Jarrett has released over 70 albums over the course of his career. His immense talent and dedication has seen him able to work all over the globe as well as with multiple other talents, and in various genres. A true and mighty talent, Keith Jarrett will certainly continue making music for years to come.