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  • Julieta Venegas (born November 24, 1970) is a Mexican-American, Spanish speaking pop/rock singer-songwriter, musician and producer, hailing from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

    Venegas’ earliest musical excursion came when her parents sent her to piano lessons age eight and later music theory, singing, cello, and violoncello. After studying at La Escuela de Música del Noroeste and South Western College in San Diego, Venegas began playing in a number of bands including Grupo Chantaje and Tijuana No! Following a move to Mexico City to involve herself in the music scene, the singer became familiar with the likes of Fratta and Café Tacuba, and was subsequently offered a record deal with BMG. Working with the revered producer Gustavo Santaolallam, Venegas released her debut album “Aqui” in 1997 which featured the accordion, piano, guitar, and several guest contributions including Rafael Gonzalez and Patricio Iglesias. The album earned critical acclaim in the U.S., Spain and Latin America and was supported with an extensive tour alongside Ely Guerra and Aurora y la Acedemia.

    Following the release, Venegas made guest appearances on the albums of Enrique Bunbury and Mastretta, and contributed to the film soundtracks “En el País de No Pasa Nada” and “Amores Perros”. Moving towards a sound with more rock sensibilities the singer-songwriter’s second album “Bueninvento” was issued by BMG in 2000. Boasting a backing band of respected session musicians including guitarist Joe Gore, bassist Fernando Saunders, drummer Joey Waronka, and sax player Rick Boston, the album was once again supported by an extensive tour, this time alongside Jaguares, Jumbo, and La Gusana Ciega. The single “Hoy No Queiro” later earned a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Song, as did the album for Best Rock Album.

    Venegas’ third album, “Sí”, produced by Coti Sorokin and Cachorro López, represented the singer’s most pop album to date. Featuring memorable melodic hooks and arrangements, with an upbeat approach, the album topped the Mexican album chart, later going triple platinum. The album subsequently spawned the singles “Andar Conmigo”, “Lento”, “Algo Está Cambiando”, and “Oleada”, and earned a Latin Grammy for Best Rock Solo Vocal Album in 2004.

    With the commercial success of "Sí", Venegas once again enlisted the assistance of producers Coti Sorokin and Cachorro López on her 2006 follow-up “Limón y Sal”. Led by the No. one single “Me Voy”, the album once again became hugely popular in Spain, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Chile and Central America. The singles “Limón y Sal”, “Eres Para Mí”, and “Primer Día” earned the singer significant radio airplay, many of which landed on the best-of compilation “Realmente Lo Mejor" in 2007. Venegas subsequently released an “MTV Unplugged” album in 2008 which was followed by the singer’s most extensive international tour. The full-length “Otra Cosa” arrived in 2010, and later went gold, followed by “Los Mementos” in 2013.