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  • Dedicated pastor and follower of christianity, Jesús Adrián Romero (born February 16th, 1965) has also become a popular Latin Gospel singer, moving from his native Mexico to find success in the Southwest of the USA.

    Born in Hermosillo, Snora, Mexico, Jesús Adrián Romero dedicated his life the worship of Christ, as he became heavily involved with the church from a young age. At college, he became immersed in his biblical studies, eventually becoming a pastor in Van Nuys, California, US, as he completed his seminary After three years, Romero helped establish a church in Aguaprieta Sonora, founding the christian community of “Amsted y Vida (Friendship and Life).” He subsequently moved to minister at a church in Chihuahua, Mexico, where he became the praise director and assistant pastor, working closely with the group, “Hombre a Hombre.”

    Throughout these several years working in ministry as a pastor, Romero also spent much of his time writing songs for his congregation, leading them in worship whilst developing his own musical compositions. In 1990, Romero began to record these songs, dreaming of finding a larger audience and sharing his dedication to Christ in the pursuit of peace and hope. Romero established his own record label, Vastago Productions, a label committed to distributing christian music. Through this label, Romero released his recordings prolifically, with his music becoming increasingly popular amongst Latin Christian communities.

    With eight records to his name, Romero was well established in the music world as a Latin Gospel star. In 2008, he moved to Surprise, Arizona, US, to set up a new church there, which he named Vastago Epicentro. In 2010, Romero released an album of new music, “El Brillo de Mis Ojos,” which was shortly followed by 2012’s “Soplando Vida” and the accompanying live album, “Soplano Vida Live,” the following year. A treasured artist in the Latin Christian world, he was invited to appear o the celebratory playlist “Canciones de Verano,” before then embarking on a series of duets in 2014, with Viraje on “Das Color” and with Damaris Fraire on the EP, “Sencillos, Vol. 2.