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  • Pau Dones is well known for being the leader and founding member of the Latin rock group called Jarabe de Palo from Barcelona, Spain. Formed in 1996, they have released nine studio albums.

    Pau Dones was born in Aragon and raised in Barcelona. He indulged in many musical projects before starting his own, which he began with his brother Marc. As the band were finding their sound and taking off, he worked at an advertising company in Barcelona.

    Jarabe de Palo’s first success was an album called “La Flaca”, which was released in March 1996. Unfortunately the album didn’t achieve much commercial success, only managing to shift 12,000 copies in seven months. However, the title track from the album was used as a TV advertisement, and the album finally became a commercial success in Spain and beyond. It reached number one in the charts and was certified six times Platinum, making the top 40 in four countries. Throughout their career, their sound evolved and matured maintaining their sales on an international level. They also collaborated with various other musicians such as Elena Anduja and Jovanotti. Jarabe de Palo embarked on many international tours performing sold out concerts to audiences who would sing their songs back to them.

    In 2008, the band made an announcement that they were going to leave their record company and take an independent route in their career. They established their own record company called ‘Tronco Records’, and released an album called “Orquestra Reciclando” (which is Spanish for “Recycling Orchestra”) making new arrangements of their earlier hits. They have since received Grammy Award Nominations.