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  • In This Moment... an alternative metalcore band spawning right out of the New York State capital, Albany. They have been a band since 2005, crafting an equilibrium of heavy and melodic metal music, using formulaic the popular structure of heavy verses into melodic choruses.

    It was when charismatic front lady, Maria Brink and her right hand man, Chris Howorth met through friends, realizing that they have some similar tastes in music, that the dynamic duo began writing songs. They completed their line up adding Jeff Fabb on drums, Blake Bunzell on guitar and Josh Newell on the bass. They are one of those bands that strategically used MySpace as their platform, uploading demos and building up their following exponentially, which ultimately led to a worldwide record deal with Century Media Records.

    It was with Century Media Records that they recorded a slew of albums, and by the third, “A Star-Crossed Wasteland” they were an international hit, with their album peaking at #40 in the US Hot 100 Charts. Their fourth album, “Blood” was even bigger, making it to #15 in both US and Canada. The title track from this album has amassed 11.8 million views on YouTube, not a bad accomplishment for a metal band.

    They’re an intriguing gift-wrapped metalcore band that has cracked the code on success whilst maintaining their dignity and musicality along the way. The musicality behind what they’re doing is so complex, but it’s counterbalanced with passion and drive, and you can see this in their music videos and their live shows.