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  • Known for socially-fuelled rhymes and razor sharp mic skills, Peruvian-American rapper Immortal Technique has built up a strong following whilst remaining strictly independent.

    Born in Lima, Peru before moving to the cultural melting pot of Harlem at a young age, Felipe Coronel found himself repeatedly getting in trouble with the law for what he now describes as childish behavior. He studied Political Science for two semesters however, due to his patchy history with the law, struggled to find employment.

    During his time in prison, Felipe began to develop his rapping and, having been left with little choice, turned to his Mcing talents as a source of income. He sold his music on the streets of New York whilst participating in various freestyle and battle rap events. The money from this went on to fund Immortal Technique’s debut album ‘Revolutionary Vol. 1’ which went on to sell 45000 copies without any label or distribution support.

    From there his profile began to grow with an appearance on ‘106 & Park’s’ Freestyle Friday and a feature in The Source magazine’s independent column ‘Unsigned Hype’ (known for helping to break artists like Eminem over the years). He followed this up with the release of albums ‘Revolutionary vol. 2’ and ‘The 3rd World’ both of which were released on ‘Viper Records’, a small independent label which Immortal Tech has now taken control of.

    Touring and video game appearances have helped to build up the rapper’s profile outside of New York and he is now an internationally renowned artist with his songs receiving millions of streams of services like Spotify.