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  • Taking inspiration from Alan Pakula’s film “Klute”, rock trio I Am Kloot hailing from Manchester, UK formed in 1999 with John Bramwell on vocals and guitar, Peter Jobson on bass and Andy Hargreaves on drums.

    Rising from the ashes of Bramwell’s former band The Mouth, the band made their debut with the double A side single “Titantic/To You” in late 1999 via Ugly Man Records. A stark approach to promoting the single saw the band paste lyrics to the tracks in blood red ink all over Manchester city centre, a tactic which caught the attention of local press.

    In 2001, the band got friend and Elbow frontman Guy Garvey on board to produce their debut album “Natural History” recorded in a church on the Isle of Mull. Labelled by NME as being the cornerstones of the New Acoustic Movement, the album received favourable reviews from critics. Part way through promoting the record, their label went bust which then ceased manufacture on the album leaving the band in a state of limbo.

    Two years later after dealing with contractual issues, I Am Kloot signed with The Echo Label to release their self-titled album with Chris Potter. Initially the band had planned to release the single “Proof” along with a promo video featuring British actor Christopher Eccleston, but soon the idea was thwarted as the single didn’t receive a commercial release and instead the video featured on the band’s website.

    In 2005 the band released their third album “Gods and Monsters” featuring the singles “Over My Shoulder” and “I Believe”. Never one for luck with labels, I Am Kloot found themselves in a pickle as financial trouble struck The Echo Label as they began dropping artists off their roster. Jumping ship before they fell victim, I Am Kloot later that year released the single “Maybe I Should” through their own label Skinny Dog Records before embarking on a full UK tour which culminated in the band playing the renowned Astoria in London, their biggest headline show.

    Without a label behind them, the band began working on their fourth album. Wanting to capture the essence of a live performance, I Am Kloot recorded live at Moolah Rouge Studios and went on to commercially release the album “I Am Kloot Play Moolah Rouge” in 2008. The track “Avenue of Hope” featured on the soundtrack of Danny Boyle’s 2008 film “Sunshine”.

    In 2010, I am Kloot released their fifth eponymous album “Sky At Night” with Guy Garvey on board with production. Reaching number 24 in the UK album charts, the band were also recognised by being nominated for the 2010 Mercury Prize Award. Granting The Guardian exclusivity on streaming on their sixth album “Let It All In” in 2013, saw the band diversify their sound while anchoring their signature morose themes presented in a way only I Am Kloot can.