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  • Hawk Nelson are a band hailing from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada who formed in 2000. The band have released seven albums since their debut in 2004 and have become one of the most consistently popular Christian rock bands of their generation

    The Hawk Nelson story begins with two bands, a rock four-piece called SWISH who came together in 2000 in Peterborough, Ontario, and Barrie, Ontario’s very own Cheese Monkeys From Planet Nine. While also holding one of the worst band names in history, the Cheese Monkeys also held vocalist Daniel Biro within their ranks. Biro became a big fan of SWISH after their first album “Riding Around The Park” was released, and come 2002, his band split up and he moved from Barrie to Peterborough to join them as their bass player during the making of their second album “Saturday Rock Action”. Once he joined the band decided to rethink themselves, renaming themselves Reason Being before settling on Hawk Nelson before the release of their second album in 2003.

    On the strength of their records and their live shows all over Canada’s provinces and territories, the band signed to Tooth And Nail records soon after the release of their sophomore effort. Ever since then, they’ve remained a huge name in the Christian rock scene even after losing all their original members save for Biro, even losing their lead singer Jason Dunn couldn’t stop them, as they replaced him with their guitarist Jonathan Steingard. They remain one of the most beloved acts on the entire Tooth And Nail roster, and for that, they come highly recommended.