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  • With a staggering number of albums and singles to their name, Dutch band, Golden Earring since 1961, has been one of the leading bands of the Progressive Rock market making their stamp in the record industry.

    Founded in 1961 in The Hague, Netherlands, the band had their first chart success with the song “Please Go” which was released in 1965. It peaked at number 9 on the charts in the Netherlands, and their single “That Day” reached number 2 on the charts, coming second to The Beatles, “Michelle”. It was in 1967 that the band earned their first number one single with “Dong Dong Diki Digi Dong”. The album “Eight Miles High” earned the band their first headline American Tour, which was in the late 1960s around the time of the flower power era, in fact the same year as the Woodstock Festival. The band’s single “Back Home” was anticipated to be a success in the States but it didn’t do very well, despite being a number one hit in their native country, The Netherlands.

    Their first success on an international level was the song “Radar Love”, which was from the album “Moontan” that earned Gold Certification. Their music began to evolve on a natural level, matching the sounds of Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin. It was around this time that the band opened for Santana and The Doobie Brothers. In 1973, when “Radar Love” was at the height of it’s success, Kiss and Aerosmith were their opening acts.

    Unfortunately following international stardom, the band couldn’t maintain it with “Twilight Zone” released in 1982. The music video however, was one of the first to be played on MTV in the US, and aided the track into becoming a Top Ten hit. There was a push and pull throughout their career seeing the band do very well in some countries and even better in others. Some countries didn’t take to Golden Earring’s sound at all. “When the Lady Smiles” became a hit in 1984 when it reached number 3 in Canada whilst becoming their fifth number one single in their home country.

    The band decided to release a series of unplugged albums, including “The Naked Truth” which would go on to be one of the band’s highest grossing albums, selling 500,000 copies in total their native country alone. The band recorded their album “Millbrook USA” in Millbrook, New York. Later in the decade they embarked on a tour, which involved two dates in the UK one at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London and one at the Ipswich Regent Theatre the day before.

    The band celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2011; it was also a success as they have had the same line up since 1970. On May 11th 2012, the band released “Tits ‘n Ass” which was recorded in London. It reached number one in the Netherlands not once but twice!