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  • Being signed to one of the biggest labels in the world, releasing nine studio albums (three of which achieving Platinum status) and twenty-six singles is just where it starts for the Country and Western music heavyweight, Gary Allan.

    Having been on the scene for almost twenty years as a fully-fledged recording artist, Gary Allan’s career has earned him some fantastic accolades over time, seeing this recording artist dominate not only the country charts but the Billboard Charts too. Not only this but he has a live show to match, performing with such charisma and conviction.

    It all started at home with his parents in La Mirada, California, where his mother would encourage him to play guitars and then at age thirteen when he began playing in honky tonks with his father. He is truly one of those artists who built a career from the ground up, building up his reputation, starting in bars, and then moving on to clubs. His success story is quite something too, as Allan had a job selling cars and left one of his demo cassettes in the glove box of a truck that he sold. Upon realising that Allan was the singer, they wrote him a cheque for $12,000, which funded Allan to journey to Nashville to record some songs that were on an early demo, which caught the attention of some of the biggest labels in the world, and the rest as they say is history.

    It’s no wonder that over the years, Allan has been able to maintain such a successful career, which has had some highs and lows with some devastating twists and turns, but he has always come out fighting with his raspy and unpolished sound.