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  • Foreign Beggars (formed in 2003) is an British hip hop, grime and dubstep group made up of MC Orifice Vulgatron, MC Metropolis, DJ Nonames and Dag Nabbit.

    After meeting in Dubai and playing in a series of metal, grunge and indie bands throughout the early 1990s, Pavan “Orifice Vulgatron” Mukhi and Dag Rabbit started their hip-hop project in 1996. Before long the pair moved to London, UK, set up a studio and continued to produce and promote their music. Foreign Beggars became a feature on pirate and internet radio, at underground raves and supporting the likes of Andy C, Mampi Swift and DJ Craze.

    The band members Metropolis and DJ Nonames, who have never released their real names, met at university in the year 2000, and later met Orifice Vulgatron who was working the lighting and sound for a production of “The Wizard of Oz”. Shortly after in 2002 the group decided to call themselves Foreign Beggars and began their own label entitled “Dented Records” through which they released their own and other underground acts’ music.

    Foreign Beggars’ debut single “Where Did the Sun Go”/“Season’s Beatings” was released in 2003 and paved the way for their first full-length album “Asylum Speakers” released in November 2003. Due to the nature of Foreign Beggars’ music nearly all of their tracks feature collaborations with a whole host of artists, blurring genre lines, including Mud Family, Tommy Evans, Out da Ville and DarkCircle.

    The group’s follow-up full-length in 2006 “Stray Point Agenda” features a similar amount of guest collaborations and has production from California, U.S.-based producer Oh No. Around the same time the group released the controversial mixtape “Bukkake Ski Trip” which represented a successful time for Foreign Beggars, winning Best New Act at the 2004 MOBOs and Best Group at the 2005 Lyric Pad Hip-Hop Awards.

    The group has subsequently released the limited edition “Beggars Brew” in 2006, “Hit That Gash” in 2008, a tongue-in-cheek themed album with French rappers Rouge À Levres, with a year later collaborating with Dr Syntax, Stig of the Dump and The Scratch Perverts for a video for Neurosonics Audiomedical Lab.

    Foreign Beggars’ third studio album “United Colours of Beggatron” was released in October 2009 and features notable guest appearances from Guilty Simpson, Devlin, Phat Kat and Ben Sharpa. A collaboration with Drum and Bass group Noisia for the track “Contact” has resulted in over 9 million views of Youtube and featured on the UK TV programme Skins.

    2010 brought a number of remixes by the group including “No Holds Barred” / “Get a Bit More” and the "Beggatron Remix" EPs one and two. The group released their fourth full-length album in 2012 entitled “The Uprising” and exposed Foreign Beggars to a wider audience with appearances on the video game FIFA 13 and the Ministry of Sound compilation “Addicted To Bass 2013”.

    A collaborative album with Dutch drum and bass trio Noisia was released on September 2, 2013, featuring the singles “Make Those Move” and “Choosing For You”. The album was released though Division, OWSLA and Par Excellence and topped the Beatport release chart shortly after its release.