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  • Falling In Reverse is a rock band hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States who formed in 2008. The band is the brainchild of ex-Escape The Fate frontman Ronnie Radke, and they have released three albums since their debut in 2011.

    Radke first started conceptualising the band while serving out his prison sentence for a parole violation concerning his involvement in the fatal shooting of the 18 year old Michael Cook. He went into prison as the lead singer of post-hardcore godheads Escape The Fate, but he was booted from the band as a result of his incarceration. After ruminating about what to do next, he contacted the original line up of the band from his cell and during visiting hours, he would meet up with the new members one by one and discuss their ideas for the band. While he wasn’t in contact with them he spent the rest of his time writing, and by the time he was released in December 2010, he was ready to go public with his new band.

    The rest of the band had already been recording “The Drug In Me Is You” since January of that year when Radke was released, and the album was released in July the following year. The album was a commercial success, charting at number 19 on the Billboard 200 and the band saw off the remaining year and a half of the campaign touring the world. 2013 saw the band rise in notoriety with the album “Fashionably Late”, which saw the group experiment with styles lifted from hip-hop and chart pop. Say what you want about Rappin’ Ronnie Radke, but there are few people around that can command as much attention, good or bad, as he can. That takes a skill that few others share, and it makes Falling In Reverse ones to watch, for sure.