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  • Hailing from West Grove, Pennsylvania, USA, Dr. Dog are an indie rock band that formed in 1999. The band are known for their eclectic brand of rock and roll that’s influenced by everything from folk rock, to psychedelia, to baroque pop and everything in between.

    Dr. Dog are one of the finest acts in the great tradition of cult American country-rock bands. Bands that mix progressive influences with folk-rock songwriting that began (arguably) with the Grateful Dead and continues to this day with the likes of My Morning Jacket and Wilco.

    What makes them worthy successors to those bands is their decade and a half’s worth of experience on tour, which has made them one of the best live acts on the circuit They’re a band that plays with the kind of chemistry that can only be gained through years of experience.

    However in the form of frontmen Scott McMicken and Toby Leaman (bass and lead guitar respectively), that’s exactly what they have. The pair have been playing together since eighth grade and even then, they staunchly refused to play covers, instead writing their own music from the very beginning.

    The duo then formed Dr. Dog as a side project away from their main band Raccoon. However, as they formed a live band for the project, Dr. Dog soon became McMicken and Leaman’s main focus, recording a demo entitled “Psychadelic Swamp” on eight track recorders. All this was done while playing shows and gaining a cult following around their native Philadelphia.

    It was in 2004 that a copy of their debut album “Toothbrush”, released two years before on New Year’s Day 2002, was given to one Mr Jim James of the aforementioned My Morning Jacket. He was so impressed with what he heard that he asked Dr. Dog to open for his band on two consecutive tours of different parts of the USA.

    Since then the band has gone from strength to strength, gaining some high profile fans in the form of James and Frank Turner. They’ve released six albums since then, going consecutively more electric each time to reflect their punk rock inspired live show. Clearly, this is a unique band that could inspire anyone who sees them. Highly recommended.