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  • Dimitri Vegas is a DJ hailing from Mechelen, Belgium who was born on May 16th, 1982. Born Dimitri Thivaios, he is best known for the several singles he's released in collaboration with his younger brother Michael, who performs under the name Like Mike.

    While both brothers were always close growing up, and began Djing at clubs before they were old enough to even enter them as punters, they didn't think to truly make music together until well into their late teens. Dimitri was more into club and dance music while Michael was a devoted hip-hop head, but after taking a trip around Europe together, they found themselves down in Ibiza for an extended period of time. While they were there they both fell for club culture and found themselves inspired by the sheer amount of great DJ's they heard while down there. It wasn't long before the siblings decided to start making their own music together, moving back to their native Belgium as Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.

    While jetting all over Europe to play residencies in some of the most prestigious clubs on the continent, the duo released their first white label single “Cocaine/Eivissa” in 2007. The duo went from strength to strength from the moment that they debuted as producers, with Axwell of Swedish House Mafia personally reaching out to them to remix one of his label's singles a single year after their first single. Ever since then, the duo have impressed everyone they've come into contact with, getting a stamp of approval from the likes of Faithless and Snoop Dogg himself. By 2012, the band had become a commercial force to be reckoned with, scoring their first top ten single in the form of that “Momentum”.

    To this day, the duo remain one of the most respected names in electro house, thanks massively to Dimitri's thunderous beats complimenting his brothers vocals. The world is at their feet, and their best days are far ahead of them, and for that, they come highly recommended.