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  • Dead Meadow are a band hailing from Washington D.C, United States who formed in 1998. Since debuting, the band have released seven studio albums and become one of the most respected cult acts in the world of stoner rock.

    Forming from the ashes of two D.C based bands called The Impossible Five and Colour, the first incarnation of Dead Meadow was formed by guitarist and vocalist Jason Simon, bassist Steve Kille and drummer Mark Laughlin. With their seamless combination of prime 70's heavy metal , 60's psychedelia and lyrics cribbed from Tolkien and Lovecraft, the band signed to Fugazi bassist Joe Lally's record label Tolotta Records in 2000, a mere two years after they formed. Their self-titled debut album followed in the same year, which was so acclaimed that BBC Radio One legend John Peel asked them to record a session for his evening radio show. However, as the band couldn't afford to fly to London and record it, Dead Meadow became the first band in the session's 37 year history to record their session outside of the BBC's studios.

    2001 saw the release of their second album “Howls From The Hills” and after the release of their live album “Got Live If You Want It” in 2002, the band signed to Matador Records in 2003, making them labelmates with the likes of Pavement, Guided By Voices and Belle and Sebastian. Ever since then, the band have remained one of the most consistent acts in stoner rock, with seven acclaimed studio albums to their name and a live show that could knock anyone for six. They've earned the respect of the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anton Newcombe (no easy feat) and inspired acts like Wolfmother, who reinterpreted the Dead Meadow track “Everything's Goin' On” as “Pilgrim” on their second album “Cosmic Egg”. They're still going from strength to strength over a decade and a half after forming, and for that, Dead Meadow come highly recommended.