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  • Copeland are an indie band hailing from Lakeland, Florida, United States who formed in 2001. After their debut in 2003 they released four studio albums before splitting up in 2010, in 2014 the band reformed to tour and release a new studio album, “Ixora”.

    Copeland began with the partnership of lead singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist Aaron Marsh with his childhood friend, bass player and backing singer James Likeness. While Marsh and Likeness were stuck in Lakeland, Florida, not a city known for its music scene to say the very least, Marsh did manage to attend the one high school in the area that one would most likely form a band in, Through the connections that he made at his home city’s Harrison Arts Centre, a performing arts high school, he formed the first incarnation of Copeland in 2001, with himself, Likeness, Bryan Laurenson on the guitar, and Jonathan Bucklew, on the drums.

    They started performing together anywhere that would have them and by 2002 the band had signed a record contract with The Melitia Group. Largely inspired by the death of Aaron Marsh’s grandmother and the hospitalisation of his girlfriend, their debut album “Beneath Medicine Tree”, was released a year later. The band took to the road and, wisely enough, didn’t leave it until 2005 when they went into the studio to record their next album. In between they toured like men possessed, taking their live show anywhere that people wanted it to be while avoiding overexposure like the plague.

    2005 saw the release of their second album “In Motion”, however shortly after its release, Marsh started developing a passion for producing the work of other bands, working with the likes of Underoath and Anberlin to name but a few. While the band were getting higher and higher in profile, with their 2008 album “You Are My Sunshine” managing to break the Billboard 200’s Top 50, James Likeness had left in 2007 and the writing had been on the wall ever since then. After a farewell tour , the band called it quits in 2010. However, signs of life started to show in the Copeland camp in 2014, after four years of inactivity.

    On the first of April, Marsh announced that the band were finally getting back together, and that a new record they’d made practically in secret “Ixora”, would be released in October. They went back on the road shortly before the records release and the reception of the shows has been better than ever. They’re a band that any fan of rock and roll should be proud to have back in the fold, and they ccome highly recommended.